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Travel Insurance: Pack More than Just Your Bathing Suit

You can plan your cruise vacation right down to the flip-flops you’ll wear, but there is always a chance something unforeseen can pop up. That’s why it’s important for you to cover your long-awaited cruise investment. While you can't do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from canceling your cruise, you can do something to help cover your travel investment by purchasing a travel insurance and assistance plan for your next trip.

Travel insurance can provide you coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage damage or loss, and much more. Plus, most plans come equipped with travel assistance to help with anything from tracing lost luggage to coordinating medical evacuations from cruise ships or remote islands. For example, every Travel Guard insurance plan comes with a 24-hour travel assistance hotline to help their travelers anytime, anywhere.

Here’s one example of how travel insurance could rescue you. Let’s say you purchase a travel insurance and assistance plan for a family cruise you’re about to go on. While you’re on board, your spouse unexpectedly gets extremely ill, and the cruise ship's doctor recommends that they be admitted to the nearest appropriate medical facility for proper care. You call your travel insurance company, and they can quickly arrange for medical evacuation by air ambulance to a hospital for further evaluation. Your adult children, who are on the cruise with you, remain on the ship to continue the cruise.

To complicate matters further, let’s say your luggage never even arrived on board the ship at the start of the cruise. Using the BagTrak program, Travel Guard is able to track down your luggage and return it to you, helping avoid yet another mishap.

In the meantime, your spouse’s condition starts to improve, and your loved one is soon cleared to travel. Travel Guard relays a message to the cruise line to inform your children that they would see you when you get back home.

From coordinating your spouse’s medical evacuation and treatment, to tracking down your luggage and arranging your hotel while your spouse was in the hospital, your travel insurance coverage helps soften the blow of this otherwise traumatic experience. In addition, your family is reimbursed for all covered medical expenses, trip interruption, travel delay and luggage delay expenses, which could have totaled in the tens of thousands.


Please remember that every case is different. Be sure to check your specific travel insurance policy so you know what is covered.

To learn more about how you can cover your next trip, contact us at Cruise Holidays.