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The hundreds of luxury hotel rooms along the corridor north of Cabo San Lucas have transformed the very essence of this formerly rustic and rowdy outpost. Although it retains boisterous nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is no longer the simple town Steinbeck wrote about and enjoyed. Once legendary for the big-game fish that lurk offshore and for the beachside festivities that ensued after reeling them in, Cabo San Lucas now draws more people for its nearby fairways and greens -- and the world-class golf being played on them. Cabo San Lucas has become Mexico's most elite resort destination, catering to travelers getting away for long weekends or indulging in sports and relaxation.


Travelers here can enjoy a growing roster of adventure-oriented activities, and playtime doesn't end when the sun goes down. The nightlife here is as hot as the desert in July, and oddly casual, having grown up away from the Corridor's glitzy resorts and rebelling against the well-groomed style of mainland Mexico. It remains the raucous, playful party scene that helped put Cabo on the map. A collection of popular restaurants and bars along Cabo's main street stay open and active until the morning's first fishing charters head out to sea. Despite the growth in diversions, Cabo remains more or less a one-stoplight town, with almost everything within easy walking distance along the main strip.