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Maui, also called the Valley Isle, is just a small dot in the vast Pacific Ocean, but it has the potential to offer visitors unforgettable experiences: floating weightless through rainbows of tropical fish, standing atop a 10,000-foot volcano watching the sunrise color the sky, and listening to the raindrops in a bamboo forest.


Lahaina was once the home of kings and queens and later became a booming missionary and whaling village. Today the Maui town is abuzz with tourist activity including restaurants, art galleries, shopping malls and outdoor adventures. Amongst the tourism Lahaina maintains its historical charm, thanks to the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, which has preserved and maintained may historic buildings throughout the area. You’ll see the Asian influence among the Wo Hing Society Temole on Front Street, the Buddhist Hongwanjii Temple and Lahaina Jodo Mission that displays a giant Amitabja Nuddha.


At one time Lahaina was involved in the sugar industry. You’ll see the evidence at the Pioneer Sugar Mill’s smokestack. The original mill was destroyed in 2006, but the residual grounds show the 140 year influence of the sugar industry in Lahaina. You can also visit a high school that was established by missionaries in 1831. Make sure you leave time for a whale-watching trip, submarine ride or some water excursions!