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A Value Vacation in Europe? Yes, It’s Possible.


Much has been made of the U.S. dollar’s weakening strength against the Euro. But if you’ve been dreaming about a trip to the Continent there are still ways to get the most out of your money and yet experience the trip of a lifetime. One of the best value options right now is European cruising. Imagine exploring fascinating Greek mythology, ancient Black Sea ports or sun-kissed Spanish shores all while indulging yourself in fine European cuisine. It’s all within reach and can be totally customized to include whatever type of experience you’re seeking. For instance, the first-time visitor to Venice wouldn’t want to miss St. Mark’s Basilica or a gondola ride of the Grand Canal whereas a repeat visitor might want a less touristy, in-depth experience, such as a visit to the city’s Jewish Quarter, a ghetto dating back to 1526.


The cruise lines couldn’t agree more. The unfavorable exchange rates make the European cruising experience a very good buy. Why? Because passengers pay for the trip in U.S. dollars. Plus, once onboard, meals (and of course lodging) are included. There is also the convenience factor of a European cruise—vacationers don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking, bouncing from one hotel to another, or figuring out transportation.


Even though some may call it the Old World, Europe is in very high demand. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) member cruise lines has added new ports along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, as well as in southern Italy, Turkey, Greece and Spain.


A European cruise also allows you to maximize your experience with a combination of wonderful
destinations and tailor-made port excursions. See Europe on a cruise – and see it in style.