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Cruise Holidays brings you the world! Cruising today offers you the ability to visit so many wonderful and exciting places. We have tried to condense some of these destinations into a format that is easy to read and simple to navigate. Spend some time visiting the world before your cruise even begins! 




The nations that make up Africa are far from homogenous. Each has its own distinct character and attractions. From Egypt to South Africa, a vast expanse of adventure awaits.




'Alaska's sprawling glaciers, native heritage and vast wildlife will combine to take your breath away.  





In the west, we know Asia as "the Mysterious East." Indeed, all of the world's great religions have originated somewhere in the realm of Asia.




Graced with extensive beaches bleached white by the year-round sun and surrounded by turquoise waters filled with varied and colourful sea life, the Bahamas is great for divers, sailors and sun-worshippers alike.



A distinct blend of warm trade-winds, tropical ease and inviting locals make these islands famous for unwinding. 




 Canada / New England
Serene villages, brilliant autumn leaves and rich nautical history unite on the picturesque coast of North America.  





Known as a vacation destination, an eco-tourism movement has opened the Caribbean to a new type of traveler, interested in sun and fun, but also in cultural and natural resources.



 Northern Europe 
Immerse yourself in the cultures and sights of the Old World.  Travelers to Europe experience a variety of cultures, languages, customs.




Wonder at flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth when you sail the fabled waters of these isolated islands. 




Take in the enchanting lands of the Mediterranean as you venture to Barcelona and Madrid, Venice, Florence and Rome or the spectacular Italian Lakes. 



 Mexican Riviera
A feast for the soul, the Pacific Northwest boasts splendid scenery, towering timber and a mix of the eclectic and pristine. 




 Panama Canal
There's more to a cruise down the Panama Canal than just the Gatun Locks; there's a world of cities on nearby shores.




 South America

This wild continent, positioned between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, remains unknown to many travelers, yet holds treasure for both the explorer of nature and the lover of great cities.


 South Pacific

The South Pacific is a world unto itself, with an ecological and geographical history and culture all its own.