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Creative Ways to Give the Gift of Travel


The signs of the season are everywhere, and they are most visible as you head to the mall, where holiday displays are in full swing and it seems everyone is trying to capture a piece of your gift-giving budget.


We realize you have options, and at Cruise Holidays we believe in helping you get the most for your dollar. One of the best ways to do that – in our opinion – is to spend money thoughtfully and wisely on travel. That’s where the Cruise Holidays gift card comes in. With a gift card for travel, a world of opportunity opens up for you as the gift-giver, as well as for the receiver.


A gift card for a cruise is quite simple:
You can put any amount of money on the Cruise Holidays gift card, and it never expires.


Imagine these creative gift-giving possibilities:


  • Instead of eating away at the budget on a bunch of toys that will be forgotten as soon as the 12 days of Christmas are over, parents can set aside money on a gift card to take the kids on a family cruise. Present the gift card along with a globe to the children and then let them help design the vacation, or in true 21st century style, pull up a possible cruise destination on the Internet and e-mail it to the kids!
  • Give a cruise gift card to the grandparents for their many years of doting over you. Grandchildren could get together and present the gift card, along with a cozy set of slippers that their grandparents will enjoy in their stateroom.
  • For an educator or game-player in your family: Create a short crossword puzzle that spells out words like "vacation,” "cruise,” and "dream.” Present the Cruise Holidays gift card with the crossword puzzle.
  • For a loved one, fill a gift box with fun cruise accessories, like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a book to relax with. Then add the gift card, and watch for the smiles…or tears of happiness!
  • The best part is, a Cruise Holidays gift card is as flexible as you need it to be. When the recipient is ready to redeem, all they need to do is contact Cruise Holidays and start planning the trip.

So, don’t let the holiday shopping season add more stress to your life. Make one call to Cruise Holidays and we can help make your loved one’s vacation dreams come true.