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VIP Lounges


There is precious little to do at an airport between the times of checking in and taking off. If you have already exhausted the shops and fast food restaurants, sitting in a large, crowded terminal will only add frustration to the experience. However you can escape this trying period of your trip by booking a lounge pass with Cruise Holidays UK.

VIP lounges offer a tranquil environment for travellers to relax in before they fly. You can enjoy a quiet drink and light refreshments, read newspapers or simply watch TV. Customers can also expect a number of other complimentary facilities such as internet, fax and e-mail; whilst some of the more luxurious lounges have spas, gyms, showers, steam cleaning, shoe shining and, in some cases, babysitting. So as you can see, it really can be the perfect start or end to a holiday for any traveller who wants to add that little touch of luxury.

Through our preferred suppliers we can offer you pre-bookable airport lounge access on both the outward and homeward bound ends of your journey; and with over 150 different VIP lounges, spread over 40 different countries, we're sure to be able to cater for whichever destination you desire.


To take advantage of our competitive prices, please call Louise Dibble on (0175) 251-9512.